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Know Now What You Need To Know!

Data Loss Prevention

Secure locks down remote employees to make sure the company data is safe. With Secure policies in place, the employee monitoring software can proactively prevent data leaking from the four major leak points as well as the source in which data starts.

User Behavior Analytics

Intelligence is a better way to know what your remote employees are up to without standing behind them. It is a comprehensive, easy to use workforce optimization software solution that tracks and monitors user behavior from when they login to when they log off.

Enhanced IT Capability

Support solves one of the most common problems in the IT industry and  understands how the error occurred. How did it happen and how can I automatically fix it?

Robotic Process Automation

Flow is a revolutionary business process automation software that allows you to create robots to act as an electronic employee. It takes data entry and data process and automates it to be more efficient and cost-productive.